Mudra Loan Scheme
Mudra Loan Scheme

Mudra Loan Scheme

MUDRA itself is not a financing agency; it’s solely a finance supporting agency having its full name –Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency Ltd.

Thus MUDRA means Micro-Units-Development and Re-finance Agency.

      India is a developing country with a big economy. Industry and service sectors have a major share in the economy. Any developing country needs a successful running of these sectors by coming up with new domestic entrepreneurs. MSME sectors play a vital role in country development. These sectors also have a major role in employment generation.


PMEGP Loan Scheme

These days’ youth employment has become a colossal drawback.

There is a vast gap between the coming opportunities of Govt. jobs and unemployed youth. To solve these problems, only one sector is providing an opportunity for Indian youth is the MSME sector.

Unemployment is stressing down the Govt. To come up with these stresses, Govt. is exercising continuously on MSME sectors for developing productions, product quality, and productivity with new packaging technology for employments generation.

Exercising on these sectors, Govt. is promoting MSME units by launching many schemes. MUDRA Yojana is one of the key schemes of Modi Govt.
The survey conducted by NSSO in 2013 explains that about 5.77 crores of micro and small units are running were about 12 crore people got employments. All units are running under proprietorship or individual account enterprises. Out of which around 60% proprietors are coming from OBC/SC/ST. These units have been set up by own finance or finance is taken from private financiers for running successfully the unit. This is a matter of concern for India Govt. Keeping in mind Govt. has announced several schemes for MSME enterprises. So that, existing entrepreneurs and new coming up entrepreneurs will come out from the private financier. Mudra Yojana may bridge this gap with increasing confidence and inspire the existing and new coming up entrepreneurs. Mudra Yojana was launched on 1st April-2015. It is known as Pradhan Mantri Mudra Loan Yojana (PMMY)

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